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Questions about the National Rifle Association of America, the most influential political lobbying organization for gun rights in the United States.

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How does NRA spending compare to other major US lobbies?

How does NRA spending compare to other US lobbies? I often see the NRA portrayed as the most rich and powerful lobby in Washington, but I don't recall seeing any evidence to back this up.
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Could a US president do to the NRA what Trump is currently doing to TikTok?

Current US president Donald Trump is in the process of "banning" Tiktok in the USA: The following actions shall be prohibited ...: any transaction by any person ... with ByteDance Ltd. ... ...
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What is the motivation for the NRA

After watching the Veep episode, where the NRA helps Jonah win an election, I wanted to know what the real motivation behind the NRA is. Is it driven by a true belief in the second amendment or are ...
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What motives do those supporting gun control assign to the NRA?

Related to this question, asking about the motivations of the NRA, it seems appropriate to look into what the opposition says about the NRA. What motivations have those who support gun control assign ...
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Minority Democrat report from Senate Judiciary Committee says Russia funded the Trump campaign via the NRA; what does this mean for the NRA?

This article and others mention that Democrat members of the Senate Judiciary Committee says Russia funded the Trump election campaign via the NRA. Assuming that this is true, what consequences does ...
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