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Is the SCOTUS ruling on Oklahoma Native land the opposite of Originalism?

The US Supreme Court has ruled that Oklahoma can prosecute non-Native Americans for crimes committed on tribal land when the victim is Native American. This was a five-to-four decision with the "...
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Does land acquired by Native American tribes become sovereign tribal land?

I have read a news story about how a Native American tribe has been able to buy back an island from private ownership in their historic lands. It is my understanding that some (all?) Native American ...
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What do the media and First Nations hope to accomplish by bringing attention to the history of residential schools in Canada?

There was recently a discovery of children who had died at a residential school, which led to protests and much media attention. This isn't a totally new discovery, though, and organizations have ...
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What are the disadvantages of belonging to a US Native American tribe (especially Navajo)?

Axios' Navajo Nation is now largest U.S. tribe says: The Navajo Nation surpassed the Cherokee Nation as the largest tribe in the United States from an enrollment surge during the coronavirus pandemic,...
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Are Native American tribes considered part of the United States?

What is the principle of Tribal Sovereignty? Does it mean that Native American tribes are not part of the United States?
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Why are Native/Indigenous Americans still called "American Indians" by the U.S. government?

Since European countries started to colonize North America, the indigenous peoples have been referred to as "Indians." I'm assuming this is because, when Columbus landed in the Americas, he expected ...
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