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The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was established by the United States and much of Europe after the Soviet Union (Russia) invaded parts of Eastern Europe after World War II. Use for questions about the organization and the politics surrounding it.

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Is the Baltic Sea considered included in the area covered by the NATO treaty?

Article 6 of the NATO treaty specifically mentions the Mediterranean Sea, but not the Baltic Sea. So do NATO countries consider an attack on their aircraft or vessels in the Baltic Sea, but in ...
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Have any NATO countries publicly raise objections as being spied upon (by the US) in "Operation Triangulation"?

According to a story sourced to the FSB “The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, together with the Federal Security Service of Russia, uncovered a reconnaissance operation by American ...
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Russian Experts on the Credibility of the Russian Nuclear Second Strike Capability

From Western news reports about Russian government statements, Russia seems concerned that NATO forces in the ex-Communist states would endanger the Russian strategic deterrence (which include a ...
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Was there any talk or initiative made to introduce a formal process for suspending or terminating membership from NATO?

But the North Atlantic Treaty regulating NATO does not have an option to suspend or even expel members. But there's the possibility to do something to the same effect when a member state persistently ...
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How large of a percentage of the Afghan population did NATO and ANSF actually have control over?

I don't see this being discussed much. According to the CIA, only 26% of the Afghan population live in cities. I've been reading that NATO and the Afghan National Security Forces only focused on ...
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Why does USA not diminish its NATO related expenses in order to persuade other NATO members to contribute more?

At the NATO summit from 2017 (Brussels), Donald Trump emphasized that many NATO members are not contributing enough (source): Twenty-three of the 28 member nations are still not paying what they ...
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Why has Turkey attached the EU accession condition late?

Turkey could have attached the EU accession condition with Finish NATO membership. Why has it given Finland a free pass?
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