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Questions tagged [nato]

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was established by the United States and much of Europe after the Soviet Union (Russia) invaded parts of Eastern Europe after World War II. Use for questions about the organization and the politics surrounding it.

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4 votes
2 answers

What could Russia do against Finland and Sweden if they join NATO? [closed]

Russia threatens a strong response against Finland or Sweden if they apply to join NATO. What could Russia do against these countries? After all, they are already in EU and hence included in the EU ...
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1 answer

Is there a fund into which NATO countries are supposed to pay?

This morning, 12/3/19, Trump said that some counties have been delinquent in their payments to NATO because they have not (for years) met their 2% obligation. He intimated that he would bring up the ...
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How much additional defense spending would NATO have if every member met its obligations?

Every member of NATO is required to spend at least 2% of its GDP on defense. Most don't. How much money does that shortfall come to?
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Do any NATO members control rare resources that could be blocked in response to China blocking rare earth materials shipments to the US?

Let's say China decides to go ahead and block shipments of rare earth materials to Western countries. Is there a way for NATO members to retaliate and block crucial shipments to China?
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Why did the US completely depart the Bagram Air Base?

After reading this question and the associated comments, I was left wondering: For what reasons did the US choose to completely hand over Bagram Air Base to the Afghan Security Forces? Was it ...
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Why did Turkey reject the Chinese FD-2000 and then purchase the Russian S-400?

Chinese firm wins Turkey's missile defense system tender Turkey cancels $3.4 billion missile defense system tender: official This analysis says that Turkey rejected using a Chinese missile defense ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Do any European politicians advocate for creating an European Army and leaving NATO?

The United Kingdom with figures such as Thatcher being against a European army (ref here) and Tony Blair (ref here) who was for it, have been the most sceptical country towards the creation of a ...
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3 answers

Does any NATO country assume being under an "armed attack" if it suffers casualties due to a radiation leak?

As the title says, does any NATO country's defense doctrine identifies radiation leaks occurred elsewhere, but presumably causing casualties in such country, as an equivalent of armed attack against ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Are there any EU/NATO/Atlantic help programs for Italy?

Italy now has the most deaths from COVID. It's even above China in that list. Italian government asked for international help, some countries responded: At first, China provided huge help then, ...
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Why does Ukraine not simply agree to Russia's demands? [closed]

All Russia seemingly want is for Ukraine to remain neutral and not join NATO or EU. Why does Ukraine not simply agree to these demands? If the only (realistic) options available to Ukraine are: ...
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How can a military exercise on the Black Sea happen with a closed Bosporus?

Romania holds a NATO naval military exercise on the Black Sea. However, exactly the same war made also Turkey to close the Bosporus before military ships. How can this exercise then happen? Afaik ...
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How does US Army Maj. Gen. Paul Eaton (ret) get to a "Look, you're attacking NATO... and we're going to consider our options to attack" scenario? [closed]

In CNN's April 5 2022 'The Russians are gone': What this image says about Russia's strategy after about 03;26 US Army Maj. Gen. (ret) Paul Eaton says (my best-effort transcription, there are no closed-...
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