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Is Saudi Arabia intent on addressing the Palestinian component while negotiating a normalization deal without Palestine at the negotiating table?

Past agreements between Egypt and Jordan tried but ultimately failed to elevate the importance of the Palestinians, and the Oslo process that started nearly 30 years ago ground to a halt for many ...
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What leverage or negotiation tools do government agencies actually have to negotiate prescription drug prices directly with drug companies?

The recent question Why did it take so long for the U.S. government to give Medicare the power to negotiate prescription drug prices directly with drug companies? reminded me of the old season 8 ...
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What role does the U.S. play in mediating the conflict between Hamas and Israel?

The truce was reached on 22 November and went into effect the following morning. US, Qatari, and Egyptian mediators are reportedly discussing a possible extension of the truce. Israel has said it ...
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Does Hamas have any leverage against Israel (other than the hostages)?

According to Politico: But while Israel and the U.S. want to secure the release of as many hostages as possible, Hamas also could have reasons to hold onto as much leverage as it can afford. Some ...
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"Ceasefire" vs "Hamas has to go" - has any country/international body proposed a different compromise on the Israel/Hamas conflict of 2023?

The prosecution of Israel's offensive against Hamas in Gaza has resulted in two opposite responses to the human suffering on both sides: "Cease fire, now". This is popular with large ...
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Do negotiations, especially concerning humanitarian concerns, ever include third party "witnesses"?

According to Netanyahu, Hamas refused an offer of fuel for the hospital. Hamas on the other hand claims Gazans don't have fuel for hospitals. Netanyahu: Hamas refused Israeli fuel offer for Gaza's ...
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