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Questions tagged [nepal]

Questions relating to the government or politics of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal

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Why does India import power from neighbouring countries like Bhutan & Nepal when the Indian government has declared India as a power surplus nation?

India has installed power capacity of over 400GW and has declared itself a nation of surplus power. Yet, the official website indicates that the country also imports hydro power from Bhutan and Nepal. ...
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What legitimizes the Maoists in Nepal, now that the government has expired?

According to this article in the Economist, Nepal's government has expired, and there isn't really a procedure in place to either call new elections or put in a new constitution. In May an assembly ...
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Did any countries precede Nepal in introducing a 3rd legal gender?

From this article in The Scotsman: Nepal’s government will begin issuing citizenship certificates with the category “third gender” for people who do not wish to be identified as male or female. ...
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What do countries gain from UN peacekeeping deployment?

The countries with the highest number of UN peacekeeping forces include countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Rwanda, etc. They are not major geopolitical players unlike US, UK or China. What do these ...
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Who legitimizes the new constitution of a Nepal?

On 16 September 2015, Nepal drafted a new constitution. Who can decide whether a constitution can be changed? In most ...
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What is armed struggle and why did it work in countries like Nepal but not in Phillipines and Peru? [closed]

Philippines,Peru and Nepal seem to the similar countries economically. Then why did the armed struggle work only in Nepal and not in all these places? Where did the government go right in these places ...
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Is Nepal the only example where pro-monarchy rally took place? If yes, why so?

Usually I hear pro-democracy protest, pro-democracy rallies, pro-democracy podcasts. I am seeing pro-monarchy rallies today in Nepal. Details and clarity:
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What is the purpose of Anti Money laundering Act?

I read an article about regulation in Nepal recently and based on this I conclude that the purpose of Anti Money Laundering Acts seems only to minimize crime. Is there any other purpose of the Anti ...
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