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Questions relating to the government or politics of Nevada, a state of the United States.

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How did Nevada Governor Joe Lombardo explain why he vetoed a bill that would ban people from acting as fake electors?

Politico's Nov 15, 2023 Nevada attorney general is investigating false electors who aided Trump in 2020 includes the following, quoting Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford: American lawyer and ...
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Is it true that in Paradise, Nevada the services for streets, sewer, security and energy supply are private?

In Paradise, Nevada, The Clark County Commission is the governmental organization that governs and runs Clark County, providing services. Paradise is an unincorporated area. I heard that the services ...
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Why did the entire staff of the Nevada Democratic Party quit after the Democratic Socialists won?

After Judith Whitmer, a Democratic Socialist, won her election to chair the Nevada Democratic Party, she received an email from Alana Mounce, the party's executive director congratulating her and ...
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What does the gray gap in the NV election site bar means?

The official Nevada (Clark county) site shows the ballot count results and has a bar with Red and Blue percents, as well as a gray gao between them. What does this gray bar means? Is it the remaining ...
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Why is Nevada so slow to count the vote for the 2020 election?

I've been watching the results come in at the Wall Street Journal, and I've noticed Nevada is unbelievably slow at counting. By my estimate, only 11% was counted in the last 24 hours. What's up with ...
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Why is Nevada asking Congress for permanent DST in Pacific Time, instead of adopting Mountain Time and abolishing DST on their own?

Reading "Daylight saving time in the United States" on Wikipedia, it is my understanding that Uniform Time Act of 1966, as per the weights-and-measures power, prohibits the states from extending DST (...
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Is the April 2014 action by the BLM in Bunkerville, Nevada a violation of the Posse Comitatus Act

Edit: this happened in April 2014 and this question was asked an exploration of the event as it unfolded. There is a showdown going on over the Bureau of Land Management's actions involving their ...
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