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Questions relating to the government or the politics of the Republic of the Niger

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Why is the French embassy in Niger still considered an embassy?

As I see it, if the French ambassador to Niger has been effectively sacked and become persona non grata with no diplomatic immunity, then how can the building still be an embassy? Surely now it's ...
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How can a country force an ambassador to leave?

Recently the coup leaders in Niger asked the French ambassador to leave. France declined the request and the ambassador is still in the embassy. The Nigerien coup's "government" considers ...
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Why and where is Mohamed Bazoum sitting down in a small, round, cold room next to a portrait of (a young) John F. Kennedy? Is the event identifiable?

DW News' July 31, 2023 video Niger warns against foreign interference as pro-coup protests turn violent after 02:22 shows what I think is file footage of Niger president Mohamed Bazoum, and I find the ...
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