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A no-fly zone, also known as a no-flight zone (NFZ), or air exclusion zone (AEZ), is a territory defined by a military power over which certain aircraft are not permitted to fly. A no-fly zone is usually established during a conflict for humanitarian or military reasons without consent of the enemy state, in order to prohibit the enemy's military aircraft from operating in the region.

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Did any authority of note opine that the 1991-2002 Iraq no-fly zones amounted to occupation?

Regarding the Iraq no-fly zones of pre-invasion time. This military action was not authorised by the United Nations. The Secretary-General of the UN at the time the resolution was passed, Boutros ...
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Why not have a partial no-fly zone for Ukraine? [duplicate]

From what I understand, the major argument against establishing a no-fly zone is that it requires attacks beyond Ukraine's borders. The first step in establishing a no-fly zone is to knock out AA ...
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Why does Zelenskyy urge NATO to impose a no-fly zone?

Ukraine's president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, asked again on last Monday for a no-fly zone. Based on this article from The Guardian: So far the war in Ukraine has not depended heavily on air power, on ...
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What would setting up a no-fly zone by NATO over Ukraine actually mean?

Zelensky has recently requested NATO to set up a no-fly zone over Ukraine hoping to reduce the bombing and NATO rejected this request. The main reason provided for this was not dragging the alliance ...
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What troops does the United Nations use to enforce a no-fly zone?

The United Nations Security Council has in the past declared no-fly zones over conflict regions. But, what troops does the UN use to enforce this given ...
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