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Questions relating to the government or politics of North Carolina, a state of the United States

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4th Circuit court: North Carolina laws "targeted blacks with almost surgical precision" after "they got rid of preclearance after Shelby County"?

In CNN's Lindsey Graham picks side in Trump vs. McConnell divide (cued at 01:51) after a clip of US Senate Majority Whip Richard Durben said in reference to President Biden's speech about voting ...
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What does it mean that North Carolina's maps were thrown out but new ones weren't ordered drawn?

This article from NBC says this (emphasis mine): A three-judge panel of state judges issued an order Monday barring state officials from using the current map for the coming elections, including ...
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Is the North Carolina 2016 Congressional map gerrymandered?

User Dunk claims that North Carolina is not gerrymandered: ...people are ... ignorant to use North Carolina as some proof of gerrymandering. ... The republicans changed the boundaries into ...
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Who can, in the US, challenge the registration of a voter?

According to this article, many (predominantly black) voters were purged of the right to vote after mail delivered to their adress bounced, with the NAACP suing against this : The lawsuit charges ...
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