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Questions related to the government or politics regarding the Kingdom of Norway.

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Did any Middle Eastern country adopt the SDFI system or similar?

In the early days, foreign companies dominated exploration activities, and they were responsible for developing the first oil and gas fields. Norwegian participation gradually increased as Norsk Hydro ...
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Is there an advantage in being a member of the EFTA, but not a member of the EU?

The European Free Trade Association (EFTA) is a regional trade organization and free trade area consisting of four European states: Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.[4] The organization ...
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Why doesn't Russia object to Norway's NATO membership?

Why doesn't Russia object to Norway's NATO membership like it does to that of Finland, Ukraine, and Georgia? Is it because the border with Norway is much shorter and basically in the middle of nowhere ...
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What are the exact transgression(s) that Norway is complaining about regarding Sweden's off-course rocket's recovery?

The BBC's April 26, 2023 Norway criticises Sweden's response after research rocket goes awry begins: Sweden has got into hot water with Norway after one of its research rockets malfunctioned and ...
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Why does the EEA not include a customs union?

It's easy to find that e.g. the EEA does not include the Common Fisheries Policy because Iceland and Norway didn't want to have their fish stocks shared/managed in common with the EU. (Aside: ...
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Did Norway reduce Electric Car Incentives (Policy) because they were so costly?

I wonder whether there is an official statement that some electric car incentives in Norway were stopped, because they were too costly. I came across this document, that states at the very bottom (I ...
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If an election uses proportional representation + levelling seats, is it possible to produce overhang seats?

When we talk about overhang seats, we tend to think of countries like Germany which uses MPP (Mixed-Member Proportional Representation) and levelling seats. But I want to focus on countries that use ...
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(Why) did the EEA countries accept a guillotine clauses at a later date than the original Agreement?

Wikipedia says (alas without citing a clear source) that EU also has guillotine clauses in the EEA agreements with Norway (2001), Iceland (2001), and Liechtenstein (2008), which must directly accept ...
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What would Norway have lost if they had joined the EU?

A referendum on joining the European Union was held in Norway on 27 and 28 November 1994. But, the "No campaign" won the referendum. One of the reason was that, Norway has an economy based on ...
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Why is a UN Security Council seat important to Canada?

Canada loses its bid for a seat on UN Security Council. Some politicians are very disappointed with that fact. I am of the opinion that instead of Canada, we have Norway or Ireland. I believe they ...
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What are the criteria used by the Government Pension Fund of Norway to add a company to its excluded company list?

Wikipedia provides some general information related to the exclusion of companies on ethical grounds: (..) holds portfolios of real estate and fixed-income investments. Many companies are ...
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Why isn't Norway a part of OPEC?

Norway produces the fifth highest amount of oil per capita in the world, (and 15th unrelated to population) so why are they not a part of OPEC? What are the political reasons for this? I don't really ...
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Being an EEC member, what will Norway gain and lose if it decides to join the EU? [duplicate]

Specifically, what rights does a non-EU member in the EEC not have? And what restrictions can it avoid being out of the EU but in the EEC?
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Is Norway in the Single Market?

Norway is an EEA/EFTA member and is not in the EU. The first Google hit for "is Norway in the Single Market?" indicates it is in the Single Market. But I thought Norway was not in the Single Market, ...
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What happened to the proposal that Airbnb and similar businesses should report client data directly to the Norwegian Tax Administration?

I read about a proposal that Airbnb and similar businesses should report client data directly to the Norwegian Tax Administration. I find lots of news about the proposal itself, but no news about the ...
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Why does Norway use the word "returned" instead of "elected"?

From Norway's page describing the structure of their government: The number of members returned to the Storting is 169. The number of members to be returned from each constituency depends on the ...
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Why were emergency responses so underwhelming in the 2011 attack in Norway? [closed]

Anders Breivik's terrorist attack on children at Utøya Island on 22 July, 2011 was an avoidable tragedy. Why was there no helicopter or adequate emergency response teams? It took several hours for a ...
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How can Norway have such a high public employment rate while keeping a low public spending?

Norway has one of the highest public employment rates (as a fraction of the total employment) in the "developed world" (around 30%, the highest in the OECD32 and about twice the average of the OECD32, ...