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A nuclear weapon is an explosive device that derives its destructive force from splitting atoms. Because the long-lived nuclear material used is then spread into the surrounding area, it is considered the most devastating weapon of war known to mankind. Use this tag to discuss the politics of obtaining them and using them in diplomacy

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How is the Chinese officialdom, press, or intelligentsia discussing Russia's possible use of nuclear weapons in the Ukraine war?

It's certainly known that the Chinese press and officials have openly blamed NATO and the USA more specifically for the war in Ukraine. On the other hand, China officially has a "no first use&...
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Russian Experts on the Credibility of the Russian Nuclear Second Strike Capability

From Western news reports about Russian government statements, Russia seems concerned that NATO forces in the ex-Communist states would endanger the Russian strategic deterrence (which include a ...
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What is the timeframe of the Comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear program?

Media reports on the Comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear program focus on the things Iran must do in the near future to get the sanctions lifted but what happens after that? When would the ...
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What is the reason South Sudan has not yet signed the NPT?

What is the reason South Sudan has not yet signed the NPT? On Wikipedia, it says South Sudan, founded in 2011, has not yet joined. Is there a particular political reason why they didn't join yet? What ...
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