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On what legal basis do the U.S. troops occupy this Syrian territory? [duplicate]

The U.S. troops occupy a part of Syria where they have Al-Tanf base. Looking for reasons why is that, I read from the same Wikipedia source: U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton said in early ...
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Did the U.S. administration give an official reason as to why it opposes an Israel occupation of Gaza?

The White House on Tuesday repeated its opposition to an Israeli reoccupation of Gaza after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told ABC News "World News Tonight" anchor David Muir he believed ...
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Does Queen Rania of Jordan characterize all of Israel as an illegal occupation, or just some parts? ("an illegal occupation" i.e. singular)

From CNN's November 8, 2023 White House warns Israel over post-war plans for Gaza CNN: I wanted to play for you sound from Jordan's Queen Rania, she's been very outspoken. She's also, ah, Jordan is a ...
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Did any authority of note opine that the 1991-2002 Iraq no-fly zones amounted to occupation?

Regarding the Iraq no-fly zones of pre-invasion time. This military action was not authorised by the United Nations. The Secretary-General of the UN at the time the resolution was passed, Boutros ...
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What is Russia's exact position on the Turkish presence in Northern Syria?

Russia has hosted various talks between Syria and Turkey (at lower levels--their heads of state refuse to meet) in attempt to mitigate or solve the issue of the presence of Turkish troops in Syria, ...
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