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Questions tagged [oecd]

Questions relating to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

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Why didn't China participate in the PISA 2022?

But that rosy spin hides a much grimmer picture. Rankings may have risen, but test scores did not. The only reason the U.S. rose is because academic performance in once higher ranking countries, such ...
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Is there any country in the OECD where mob justice is prevalent? [closed]

In some parts of the world, there is something called "mob justice." I.e., they take law into their own hands to punish criminals. This is because people think their judicial system is not ...
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Can a member country exit the OECD?

I'm trying to find whether (and how) a member country can leave the OECD. I've searched through the (scarce) legal documents, including the actual accession agreements by individual countries, without ...
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What's holding up Russia's OECD membership?

There was some news in 2013 that Russia was impatient to join the OECD. I'm guessing the intervention in Ukraine and/or Crimea has thrown some cold water onto that, but (insofar) I haven't found any ...
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Which OECD rule(s) do citizenship-based taxations contradict?

I read on (mirror) that some French politicians are trying to pass a law exempting dual US+French citizens living in France from US taxes: « Le problème principal, c’est que la ...
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Why is Sweden's employment rate so high?

Employment rates are usually a measure of employed persons divided by the working age population. Employed persons, in some definitions, seems to include disabled persons and others that differ from ...
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How is an employed person defined for OECD countries?

Employment rates are usually a measure of employed persons divided by the working age population. The working age population seems like a simple definition which is hard to misinterpret. However, ...
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How is the employment rate defined for OECD countries?

I have a few question about the employment rate. I'm sure there are different definition but maybe there is a general UN or OECD definition which can be used. I'm interested in precisely how it is ...
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