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Questions related to the politics of Ohio, a state within the United States of America.

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Ohio Constitutional Amendment language

So Last night Ohio voters approved amending the state's constitution. However, there is now a question about the exact wording to be added to that constitution: The petition signed by (approx) 500,...
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Early voting data for Ohio House elections 2021?

In Ohio there are two general elections for the House, in the 11th and 15th district. Both are to different degrees considered safe seats. Early voting started last Tuesday. I want to see the number ...
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Absentee Voting in Ohio - What does the "vote capturing machine" do?

WOSU (Ohio State University) recently published a step-by-step explanation of how absentee ballots are processed in Ohio. WOSU It is fairly clear about the process, however does not provide some ...
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Is it correct that in the state of Ohio, USA the governor can demand the legislature meet for an emergency session?

As I was following all the drama of the Ohio election suspension yesterday, there were several articles about the initial lawsuit supported by the government. Many of these articles have already been ...
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What is the rationale for Democrats attempting to exempt African-Americans from this Ohio abortion ban?

According to USA Today the Democratic Party attempted to pass a slew of amendments to Ohio Senate Bill 23, which would ban abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected. Most of them were pretty ...
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Provisional Ballots in Ohio and the Larry Harmon case

The US Supreme court is hearing arguments over the state rights to purge voter rolls. The case arises from an Ohio voter (Larry Harmon) who was purged from the voter rolls. My first question is a ...
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Did Ohio recently have 112 elections with a one vote (or less) margin of victory?

On 2/17/2017, while advocating Voter ID Laws for his state, Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted claimed: Ohio we have had 112 elections decided by one vote or tied in the last three years, ...
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