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Questions tagged [one-person-one-vote]

Questions about political equality via electoral reform.

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Can corporations vote in the presidential election?

Under the notion of corporate personhood, can a corporation vote on presidential candidates in the U.S.?
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Election system where votes dictate the power of the representative [duplicate]

Has there ever been a system where the votes received were the measure of power each winning candidate had in the legislature? I have found this under the name Direct Representation and Interactive ...
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Voting methods other than single-vote plurality in the USA?

The single-non-transferrable plurality-winner voting method commonly used in the United States, and the spoiler effect that can produce, helps cement a two-party system that many people (including ...
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Issue-Specific Knowledge Tests For Voting

I have often wondered if it would be worthwhile for ballots to verify that voters understand the issues they are voting on, and whether this could be achieved objectively. Case in point: I had a ...
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Vote amount according to "intelligence"

My friend and I had a vivid discussion about politics. We discussed about a system in which people had to go through some sort of intelligence evaluation system. According to their intelligence level ...
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How is it that in the US there so many laws being enforced that the majority of people never agreed to? [closed]

There are too many examples to list, but here are a few: When you are driving in your car with more than a few hundred dollars in cash, if you get pulled over and the police see it, they can take it ...
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Why can't I register with multiple political parties?

Why can't I register with multiple political parties (at the same time)? I've searched the web, read forums, sent emails, made phone calls, and I cannot find a satisfactory answer to this question. ...
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Why not give representatives as many votes as they received in the election?

A common complaint or source of disenfranchisement in democracies is that many constituents don't feel that their vote "counts" because the margin in most electorates is far greater than a single vote....
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Democracies that don't apply "One vote equals one person"

I'm specifically asking for DIRECT bias so basically everything that isn't "One person = one vote". (So no Citizens United: That decision didn't allow 'organizations' to cast votes DIRECTLY so for ...
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What was the largest popular vote election ever held?

What was the largest popular vote election ever held for a personally-held position? This means an election for an elected position, with people directly voting for the choice of candidates (e.g. US ...
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What are the reasons against plural voting?

Plural voting is the practice whereby one person might be able to vote multiple times in an election. It used to exist historically (see Wikipedia) but was generally abandoned. It seems that modern ...
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Are there modern examples of plural voting?

Plural voting is the practice of allocating more than one vote to a person based on some criteria (such as land ownership, university education, etc...). According to Wikipedia, anywhere it was in ...
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