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The opposition consists of political parties or other groups that are opposed to the government or the administration, party or group in control of a town, city, region, province, state, country or other political entity.

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Why has China repeatedly called on the international community to abandon the Cold War mentality?

As we all know, the Cold War ended at the end of the last century, but today, 30 years later, China has repeatedly called on the international community to abandon the Cold War mentality on diplomatic ...
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Is it legal to justify a terrorist attack against the Iranian people by Iranian opposition group (or Israelis who speak Persian) in the west? [closed]

According to the NBC: Two explosions killed at least 84 people in southern Iran on Wednesday at a memorial event for a senior Iranian general killed in a 2020 U.S. drone strike, ramping up tensions ...
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How do Western countries get people who vote against the authorities?

I was born in the USSR, Russia, so this is the question that always puzzled me: how it happens that in some countries there are people who vote against the authorities, for instance, the president? If ...
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Palestinian politicians speaking against Hamas

From Ex-Hamas minister: 'People in Gaza say that Sinwar and his men destroyed us': According to a Shin Bet investigation, Yousef Almansi, the former Hamas communications minister, criticized the ...
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Do any parliaments exclude the opposition?

Reading about the clashes between the governing coalition and the opposition in NZ Parliament like this makes me wonder: Since the governing coalition got the majority sufficient to make binding ...
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Which underground opposition parties exist in China?

In a Wikipedia article I read about a couple of banned parties operating in China in the underground. Are there any more underground parties that don't get coverage in China?
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Why do authoritarian regimes bother keeping opposition leaders alive in prison?

Some examples of politicians who spent a long time behind bars before coming to power include Vladimir Lenin, Vaclav Havel, Nelson Mandela, Aung San Suu Kyi. It therefore seems like a risky move for ...
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How often do opposition amendments pass?

Opposition parties often submit amendments to bills, but it seems like they usually fail since the government uses its majority to vote against them. How often do opposition amendments succeed?
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Are there any reliable indications on popular sentiment in Afghanistan for/against the Taliban?

(Note: this question was asked in the context of the rapid military takeover of Afghanistan in July/August 2021 and the period leading up to it. How Afghans will come to view Taliban rule in the ...
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Why do the British opposition parties not want a new election?

I'm trying to understand why Labour and other parties do not want an election. The bill blocking the no-deal exit on the 31st of October will almost certainly pass today. That means that the no-deal ...
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Why would Putin even bother barring Navalny from participating?

The BBC describes Navalny as Putin's main opposition rival (example article), despite the fact that he has rarely scored over 2% in opinion polls (at least two other opposition candidates score ≥6%). ...
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Opposition members in cabinet

After the recent collapse of government and appointment of a new Premier in British Columbia, it was suggested by MLA Andrew Weaver that — as he was not a member of the governing party — he could not ...
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Why hasn't the US political system taken recourse against Trump for his politically motivated firings?

The answers to this question - What reasons may Donald Trump have had for firing FBI Director James Comey? - appear to suggest that there is widespread certainty that the sacking was politically ...
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Trump inauguration opposition

Some celebrities and also Democrats have boycotted Donald Trump's inauguration. There are also many demonstrations held in the country and in other countries. Has there been such a vast opposition ...
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