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Questions tagged [pacifism]

The belief that any violence, including war, is unjustifiable under any circumstances, and that all conflicts should be settled by peaceful means.

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26 votes
6 answers

Why was Boris Nadezhdin permitted to be a candidate in the Russian presidential election?

Boris Nadezhdin appears to have strong anti-war views, something that is usually seen as punishable in Russia. He was aiming for the post of president and looks like collected the required number of ...
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Pacifist Palestinian or western pro-Palestinian organizations

Are there any pacifist Palestinian or western pro-Palestinian organizations? I am specifically ask about Palestinian organizations, since, of course there are pacifist on the Israeli side - notably B'...
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0 answers

Why is radical pacifism so rare in Croatia? Why does almost nobody believe Franjo Tuđman did a good thing by not sending weapons to Vukovar?

Regarding Vukovar Massacre, as far as I can see, beliefs in Croatia range from the one expressed by BBC News at the time: Croat defenders of Vukovar later claimed that the town could have been saved ...
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4 votes
2 answers

How strong was the Western pacifist campaign to not liberate Kuwait by force?

When Iraq invaded Kuwait their invasion was over in a couple of days and only a few hundred people died in those two days. Iraq was also said to have the 4th or 5th largest army in the world at the ...
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9 votes
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How can we estimate the real support of continued resistance among Ukrainian citizens?

Inspired by the question How can we estimate the real support of the war among Russian citizens? and discussion therein. Is there an estimate how many Ukrainians (on Ukrainian-controlled territory, ...
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49 votes
14 answers

What is the pacifist position on Ukraine?

What/who are the prominent pacifist movements/organizations/thinkers in the 21st century, and what is their position on the conflict in Ukraine? Much of the public and political discussion about the ...
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7 votes
6 answers

Would defense based only on nuclear weapons work? [closed]

There's an article in the Japanese constitution forbidding the country from going to war. The country nonetheless maintains a substantial self-defence force. I'm wondering if Japan can feasibly ...
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Does radical pacifism reject police violence?

Pacifism is the opposition to war and violence. Does radical pacifism reject the use of violence by the police force? See also: How is crime addressed according to (radical) pacifism?
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2 answers

How is crime addressed according to (radical) pacifism?

Pacifism is the opposition to war and violence. Most pacifists propose to abolish the army, such as Costa Rica and a small number of other nations have done. Some also propose to abolish the police. ...
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