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Questions relating to the separation of a territory into new political borders.

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Is the creation of new states via partitioning really possible in the US? Are there any precedents to this?

Background: The Senate provides as much representation to Wyoming with a population of 580,000, as California with 39.5 million inhabitants. According to [1] State Rural Exurban Suburban Urban ...
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8 answers

Can Northern Ireland's border issue be solved by repartition?

In following the ongoing Brexit drama, it seems everything is resolved except the question of the Northern Irish border, which is very difficult indeed to solve. Idea: draw a new border that splits ...
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Are there constituencies for the partition of Ukraine?

The people of Ukraine seem to be of two minds. Some (mostly in the West) want a west-leaning Ukraine free from Russia. Others (mostly in the East), want a Ukraine that's part of, or at least tied to ...
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