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Why is Joe Manchin a member of the Democratic Party when he consistently votes against them?

From his Wikipedia page, Joe Manchin appears to be a Republican pretending to be a Democrat to get elected in a state that is solidly Republican, but has returned him since 2010. He gets huge ...
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Is the US developing an informal form of party discipline? [closed]

In US elections, candidates are elected individually. However, most recent elections track closely with each other in terms of partisan vote choice. The reason this is relevant is in the past, there ...
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Why doesn't the US have party discipline?

Two Senators are refusing to vote for Joe Biden's infrastructure bill, so I was wondering why the U.S does not have a party discipline system. As the name suggests, if a majority of people in a party ...
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What differentiates Trotskyism from Marxism/Leninism?

I understand that the split originated in a power struggle, but I'm more interested in the modern theoretical differences. In the present day, there appears to be an ideological split between ...
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Has a former UK party leader ever been expelled from their own party?

According to unverified claims from a Jewish Telegraph journalist on Twitter in July, Jeremy Corbyn, former leader of the Labour Party, faces having the whip withdrawn by the new Labour leadership, ...
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Has there been a comparison of party discipline in the UK with other European countries?

On one hand, the fact that MPs are elected in single-member districts would suggest they are more likely to break party discipline if their constituency has different interests. On the other hand, ...
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Why do we need static coalitions?

By the German constitution, every member of parliament has to adhere to their conscience only. In reality, the parties on the parliament usually vote unanimously for some bill. The parties that are ...
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