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Is there a mechanism for forcibly removing the leader of the Labour Party?

After the resounding defeat of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party in the recent General Election, the Labour leadership - not only Corbyn himself, but other top members of his leadership team, such as John ...
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How do I hire a campaign manager?

How do people running for office hire campaign managers? For many campaign-related professional positions it's easy to reach out to a firm specializing in that field (campaign law, accounting/finance,...
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Where do local political parties in the United States get their revenues?

In the United States political parties operate at various levels including local, state, and federal. Although we commonly hear about expensive fund-raising events, local parties probably have other ...
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In U.S. local politics, what is the relationship between a campaign and a party?

The U.S. uses a weak party system: candidates can run under a party's name with little or no support or recognition from that party. In an organizational sense, how does a local political party ...
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What happens to delegates when a candidate withdraws or suspends their campaign

In the United States Presidential Primaries, what happens to a candidates delegates if they later withdraw from the race? For example, in the 2016 Republican Presidential Primary for the State of New ...
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