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Are UN peacekeeping forces allowed to pass over their equipment to some national army?

The Mali junta has made it an issue that the UN forces didn't hand over their bases and (some) equipment to the Mali army. Instead, because the Mali junta prohibited the UN from moving out some ...
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Can the UN charge/"fine" Mali for equipment lost due to movement restrictions imposed by the Mali junta?

Reuters: The U.N. has acknowledged difficulties with its departure. MINUSMA said in statements that it has been forced to destroy equipment including vehicles, ammunition and generators that its ...
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What do countries gain from UN peacekeeping deployment?

The countries with the highest number of UN peacekeeping forces include countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Rwanda, etc. They are not major geopolitical players unlike US, UK or China. What do these ...
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What were the stated goals/job of the Russian peacekeepers in Nagorno-Karabakh?

PM Pashinian blamed the recent success of the Azerbaijani offensive on the failure of Russian peacekeepers. On Thursday, in a televised address, the Armenian Prime Minister accused Russia, a ...
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Can the United Nations security council deploy forces in areas of conflict without consent from a rebel group?

On a United Nations site for, DEPLOYING PEACEKEEPERS, it said that As a conflict develops, worsens, or approaches resolution, the UN is frequently involved in a number of consultations to determine ...
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Are UN peacekeeping operations decided via unanimity?

The UN Department of Peace Operations looks after UN peacekeeping interventions. Do these operations require unanimous support, majority support, or something else?
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Why didn't the UN send peacekeepers to Rwanda in 1994?

In just 100 days in 1994, some 800,000 people were killed in Rwanda. Canadian General Romeo Dallaire was the overseer of the peacekeeping mission there. He had a small garrison of peacekeepers. Why ...
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