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Questions tagged [pensions]

Questions relating to funds which are filled by employees and paid out to retirees.

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10 answers

Do any countries have a pensions system funded entirely by past contributions, rather than current taxes?

The pensions systems that I'm familiar with usually work as following: Workers pay a tax on their salaries The government uses that money to fund the pensions of current retirees When the current ...
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Why is there an official retirement age?

France strikes bid to halt Macron's rise in retirement age: President Macron's reform programme faces a make-or-break moment, as French unions stage a day of mass strikes and protests on Thursday ...
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What are the options for a government facing massive protests over seemingly unsustainable economical measures?

Context France is currently facing nationwide strikes due to pension system reformation discussions. According to France24, there seems to be a debate over the opportunity of such a reform: French ...
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Does the USPS post office lose $6 billion per year and require taxpayer bailouts every year?

This video says the USPS requires a $6 billion bailout every year. Why does it need a bailout every year? When did the USPS first offer pensions? Was the USPS underfunding their pensions? What would ...
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Pensions of British EU Civil Service in Theresa May's brexit deal

Back in 2016, there was disagreement over who would foot the bill for pensions paid out to British members of EU Civil Service. Normally, they would get their pensions from the EU, but due to brexit ...
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What steps can be taken to combat unfunded state and federal pension liabilities in the U.S.?

It's the growing problem that no politicians want to talk about: unfunded pension liabilities. Business Insider ran an article last year which focused on the many upcoming challenges facing U.S. ...
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Why do government employees have a separate pensions fund?

In many countries government employees have a separate pension fund that pays out better than the one accessible to the general public. Likewise civil servants often go into retirement earlier than ...
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