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Questions tagged [pensions]

Questions relating to funds which are filled by employees and paid out to retirees.

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Did the European Commission officially mention that pensions should obey some sort of contribution-related principle?

Context I have watched an interview with a financial expert arguing about the big impact of so-called "special pensions" in Romania (1-2% of GDP). This is confirmed by some politicians that ...
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Are UK, the Netherlands and Germany considering pension fund reformation after stress tests of pension funds results?

According to this article, pension funds in the UK, the Netherlands and Germany face an “existential threat” because of their precarious financial positions: Sven Giegold, a member of the European ...
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What are the total unfunded liabilities of the top 5 states?

Detroit recent bankruptcy that left its 20,000+ retirees with less than 1/5ths of their pensions. This has left many people concerned about the finanial stability of the various state retirement plans....
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Are Chief Ministers in India entitled to different pension cycles even when their terms are repeating their tenure?

Recently, the Chief Minister of Bihar, India, Mr Nitish Kumar changed the alliance partners and formed a government with the support from a different political party. He'll continue to remain as CM ...
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