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Plurality voting: Advantages?

Context: I'm a 1st time voter in a plurality voting state. As part of deciding how I'm going to vote, I'm trying to know what is the intention of a state choosing plurality vote (I'm assuming they all ...
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Does the USA have a proportional or majoritarian voting system?

I know that in each state the voting system is first-past-the-post, a majoritarian method, but I believe that the federal aggregation, for both the president and the Congress, is approximately ...
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Is the single plurality system the same as the winner take all system?

Is the single plurality system the same as the winner take all system? I've heard both terms, and they sound the same. Are they?
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Why can't the Brexit deadlock in the UK parliament be solved with a plurality vote?

I doubt I am the only person that is frustrated and a bit perplexed by the current deadlock we are seeing in the UK parliament regarding Brexit. My question is: there appears to be a fairly well-...
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Are there any organizations or political movements in the US that promote Borda Count Ranked Voting?

After researching Borda Count Ranked Voting I realized that this voting system is something that I really support. I then researched organizations, political movements, and influential politicians ...
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In first-past-the-post/winner-takes-all elections, is turnout higher in marginal seats / swing states?

US Presidential elections are indirect: the people vote for an electoral college and the electoral college votes for the President. States assign electors in a winner-takes-all manner (either state-...
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