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What evidence is there to show that the UK has become more polarised in recent years?

Anecdotally, I have found it to be taken as a given that currently, the UK is in one of its most politically polarised times; whether that is from newspapers, or from the opinion of my social circle. ...
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What are the causes for partisan politics to have grown more severe then in the past, and how much is down to echo chambers? [duplicate]

From my, admittedly limited, knowledge of US history it seems that congress tended to be a bit less patrician in the past. Congressman were more likely to support bipartisan initiatives, more likely ...
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Is there a way to exist notwithstanding the current political polarization? [closed]

Is there a way that society can continue to exist, even with the polarization we have now? I have been thinking about the fact that so many modern issues necessarily result in polarization, as the 2 ...
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How do more polarized states affect politics on the federal level?

Control of legislative chambers is split between parties now in two states — Minnesota and Virginia — compared with 15 states 30 years ago. Quoted from first NY Times article below From this NY Times ...
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Have previous divisive SCOTUS rulings led to politically driven population shifts?

I've seen in news articles and places on this forum that the legislation enacted by states following the overturn of Roe, and striking down NY's gun permit requirement will lead to a greater migration ...
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Polarization and electoral systems

Posted this question on Reddit. I am crossposting it here as well: Is there research linking polarization ...
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What is a possible theoretical relationship between social trust and political polarization?

Copying this question from Academia.Stackexchange. Trying to do my research on trust and political polarization relationship, but my analysis section contradicts the theoretical. My dependent variable ...
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Has politics always been so polarized?

Looking at American politics, it seems like there is a tremendous animosity between people with different political leanings. Was it always this polarized? If not, when did this trend begin and why? *...
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Is political polarization in the US geographically uneven?

I have been wondering about polarization. Let's use the (lack of) elasticity as a metric for polarization. Elasticity is how much a state or district moves with the national mood on average. Here are ...
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How has the apportionment of blame for COVID-19 by party changed over time in the US?

In a (recent) Morning Consult poll we find this question on whom Americans blame the most for the spread of Covid-19 in the US: As you can see, at least now, Democrats chiefly blame president Trump, ...
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Why fight political polarization? [closed]

Political polarization is one of the key topics in politics and society today, and there seems to be a consensus on the opinion that political polarization is something bad. The ability to “reduce ...
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What has been the historical trend of U.S. congresspeople voting as blocks?

It feels as though every time I've looked at voting records from the U.S. congress, I notice that virtually everyone votes with their party; that is, for any given bill, every Republican votes the ...
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Are there standardized ways to quantify political division?

Political division seems to be one of the main issues of our time, with countless articles, op-eds, and studies describing how the US and other countries (the UK comes immediately to mind) are ...
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What is the least divided country, politically?

The United States is thought of as a divided country based on numerous studies, and the trend seems to be getting worse (more divided). Are there any westernized, Democratic, and free societies that ...
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What has caused the decline of parties in the center?

I've heard a lot about how centrist parties are losing ground in countries all across Europe. It also seems that in the United States, the two parties are becoming more and more polarized. I am ...
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Has the abolishment of the FCC fairness doctrine led to political polarization in the US?

From after World War II the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) enforced as policy (fairness doctrine), which required broadcasters to discuss controversial matters of public interest and give ...
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Are party fractionalization and ideological polarization independent (uncorrelated)?

A bold finding of a 2008 study by Russell J. Dalton is that--across the world--party fractionalization (roughly: how many parties there are in a country's legislative bodies, technically the ...
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