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Questions about the transition from one administration to another, for example after an election.

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What if no Speaker is elected by Jan 6th after a presidential election?

By law, January 6th is the date on which a joint session of Congress meets in the House chambers to count the electoral votes cast for the presidential election, and certify the results. What if on ...
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Will the crowning of King Charles have any practical effect on UK government?

The Queen of England has passed today and it appears that Prince Charles will assume the throne. Will this have any practical effect on their governing or nothing more than a change of figurehead? Is ...
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Shortest term as prime minister?

In November, Sweden's prime minister, Magdalena Andersson resigned just hours after being elected. Was her reign the shortest of any nationally-elected executive? Have any leaders, in any other ...
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Is there some mechanism to punish past administrations that hinder the presidential transition in the U.S.?

Is there some mechanism to punish past administrations that hinder the presidential transition in the U.S.? I am wondering if past administrations need to follow certain rules to insure a non-eventful ...
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When will Chuck Schumer become Majority Leader?

I'm not from the USA myself and I'm trying to understand the transfer of power following the Georgia Run-off elections for the senate. So far in my head I've got the following: Joe Biden is the ...
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How does the new President secure the nuclear football during a "contested" transition

Following on to this question... since a military aide is always near the President with the Football, how does the new President get the football if that aide with the football is with the now-former ...
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How do President-elects and Vice-Presidents elects travel?

Biden and Harris are travelling to Georgia tonight to campaign for both democratic candidates in the Georgia runoffs. How do they travel to get there? Given that Trump and Pence are still the ...
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Is President-elect Biden the first to create an "Office of the President-Elect" set?

I keep seeing this image on the internet, of President-elect Biden standing at a lectern that looks a bit like the president's. I saw this picture of President-elect Biden in the USA Today, and the ...
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How does the UK manage to transition leadership so quickly compared to the USA?

I appreciate that the USA has a larger population and more layers to it system of governance, but I don't understand how the UK can transition between governments practically overnight and the USA ...
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Has Biden or his staff/selectees discussed plans of how to handle the physical White House and Secret Service, re: COVID?

By this, I don't mean how the President-Elect plans to handle COVID, big-picture, but rather how he and his staff are planning on dealing with the actual physical White House, the West Wing and the ...
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What happens if the GSA refuses to recognize Biden even after the Electoral College vote?

I'd like to know what legal actions, if any, can be taken supposing that after December the 14th (when the Electoral College meet and vote for Biden) the General Services Administration, instructed ...
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Does the introduction of elections and other democratic institutions contribute to social disruptions and chaos in a country with a weak state?

I am conducting a research on a historical period in Iran in which a short period of premature democratic rule by a government with low state capabilities led to social disruptions and chaos and ...
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Do any other countries take as long as the US to transfer government power following an election?

In most countries with an elected government, the incumbent prime minister (or whatever the office is called) resigns shortly before the election is called, and the newly elected prime minister takes ...
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What powers does a US president have between the end of an election and the inauguration of the next president?

I read a tweet earlier asking the hypothetical question of "what could Trump do between November and January if he lost the election?" In the UK, the election is lost and the winners enter ...
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Why do some political parties retain militant wings?

Many rebel groups have evolved and transitioned into political parties - in democracies and non-democracies. Some demilitarise (IRA, Tupamos, M19, Tupamaros, Farc), others do not (Hezbollah, Hamas, ...
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Why would the Sudanese protest movement insist on a 3-year period before elections?

On BBC's website, there'a an article entitled Sudan crisis: What you need to know. Some of what's said in there sounds kind of off to me. So, a protest movement has pushed the military leadership to ...
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What is the neutral way to establish a Democracy? [closed]

It seems to me that there is no neutral way to establish a Democracy. When there are unavoidable threats to a Dictatorship or a Monarchy , the Dictator or King (whom I will call DK in short) may call ...
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Can an incoming President take power slightly earlier or later to avoid conflict with a Sabbath?

The President's term is fixed to a specific length. That means its start and end dates are not dependent on which weekday is most convenient (as opposed to a national holiday like Veteran's Day), and ...
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The causality of some political situations, and meaning in text

I'm reading the Economist and since I really don't know much about the American politics I got confused for the following statement: ...(Gorsuch) has been solicitous of religious corporations and ...
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What reason would the Obama Administration have for releasing $221M to Palestine, right before leaving office?

I had just learned of this from Bradley's question here. What reasons would that administration have for suddenly giving such a large amount of money to a country in direct conflict with one of its ...
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Prayer at the Presidential Inauguration

I'm watching the inauguration of the 45th president and am stunned2 that three Christian3 clergy persons pray for the president and the country, obviously in order to give the incoming president the ...
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Can a president-elect be sworn in BEFORE Jan 20th (but after electoral college vote certification on Jan. 6th)?

Just wondering if this is possible --- I know the 20th amendment states the outgoing president's tenure is UNTIL Jan 20th at noon, but am curious if, since the electors certified the incoming ...
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Is it typical for a president to fill his cabinet with campaign staff and campaigners?

Have US presidents historically used staff from their campaign or people that explicitly campaigned for them in their cabinet staff? For example, Steve Bannon, Donald Trump's campaign CEO, was ...
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Has any US President-Elect ever failed to take office?

Has any US President-Elect ever failed to take office? Either by refusing, or by some health or legal issue which has come up between Polling Day and Inauguration Day? If this did happen, would the ...
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Why there is so much neglect and even the hate of socialism/communism as the postcapitalism? [closed]

Marxism teaches that the development of technology leads to the new forms of social and economic orders. There have been already primitive communism, slavery, feudalism and now the capitalism is the ...
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Can you name some countries that had gone / is currently going through a change of form of government?

I'm currently researching about correlations of government types and its possible effects. As of late, I've just finished parsing some wiki pages and basically made tables of indicator rankings ...
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What are the requisites for political change? [closed]

I have seen there is some specification of the requisites for organizational change. I wonder if there is something similar for political change, I guess this can be extrapolated, or maybe political ...
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What caused a change in Bo Xilai's support for "elitists" into support for "populists"?

Bo Xilai Wiki's Political alignment and affiliations section states that: In the course of his career, Bo Xilai was the beneficiary of considerable patronage from former Communist Party leader Jiang ...
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Transition from parliamentary to presidential Republic?

Did any country in recent century successfully transitioned from parliamentary to presidential Republic (both of them reasonably unambiguously democratic - I'm pretty open as far as inclusiveness)?
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