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Questions tagged [postal-service]

Questions about government-operated postal services or the regulation of private sector postal services.

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Companies carrying out private investigations and prosecutions

For a number of month, the British Post Office scandal has been a leading item in British news largely thanks to a an ITV television drama. For those who don't know about the scandal, the short ...
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Why don't Democrats let Representative Greene rename post offices, and how do they prevent her from doing so?

After 06:00 in CNN's April 19 18, 2024 MTG says GOP support is ‘growing’ to oust Speaker Johnson there are several quick clips of Democratic representatives suggesting they would not vote to vacate if ...
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Does the US postmaster have the power to decide by themselves to whom to award a $6.5 billion contract?

Wikipedia's Louis DeJoy; Postmaster General says: DeJoy received criticism for his decision on February 24, 2021, to award a $6.5 billion contract to modernize the USPS fleet exclusively to Oshkosh, ...
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Would the US postal service be open on election day were election day made a legal public holiday?

The For the People Act is a voting rights bill currently under debate in the U.S. Senate. Two of its provisions include expanding voting by mail, and making election day a national holiday. These ...
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If the US Postal Service is self-sustaining, why does the Federal Government choose to retain full ownership?

The United States Postal Service is a federal agency that receives no taxpayer funding. If the Post Office receives no taxpayer funding and can carry out its mission sustainably if not for that whole &...
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40 votes
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How did the mail become such a sacred right in the US?

Larry Lawton is a favourite YouTuber of mine. He tells the story of while he was in prison he asked his father why he stopped writing him letters. His father told him that he never stopped sending him ...
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Did USPS grant a preferential treatment to Amazon?

I asked this question, but it was closed on the ground that it didn't have to do with politics. However if a government owned organisation helped a company with a dominant position on the market to ...
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Why is the USPS not privately operated?

Currently, there is a lot of discussion in my home country (Brazil) about privatization of the postal service, so, of course, the United States comes to mind for comparison: It is a country of ...
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Was US Postmaster General Louis DeJoy "approved by both parties"? To what extent can the board's voting be established as bipartisan?

In the video Trump says he would support investigation into postmaster general the US President emphasizes that the current US Postmaster General namely Louis DeJoy was "appointed by a bipartisan ...
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Has the U.S. Postal Service ever suspended services for a “National Day of Mourning” before?

As some might know—or not know—the U.S. Postal Service is observing the national day of mourning that President Trump has declared on December 5, 2018 in honor of the passing of former U.S. President ...
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When was the USPS post office retiree healthcare benefits started?

I discovered in this answer that the United States Postal Service needs a $6B bailout every year due to retiree healthcare benefits, which are separate from its pension fund. What year did the USPS ...
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2 answers

Does the USPS post office lose $6 billion per year and require taxpayer bailouts every year?

This video says the USPS requires a $6 billion bailout every year. Why does it need a bailout every year? When did the USPS first offer pensions? Was the USPS underfunding their pensions? What would ...
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What will go on new post boxes when Prince Charles becomes king?

Current postboxes in the United Kingdom look like this: Adrian Cable / Hazelwood Hall Postbox / CC BY-SA 2.0 With the "ER II". What will any new ones have on them when Charles is king - ...
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