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Questions tagged [primaries]

Public elections to decide which candidate represents a party at the main election

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Does one party get primary challenges at a higher rate than another party?

Does one party get primary challenges at a higher rate than another party? If this question is not directly answerable, what criteria would I use to determine this rate?
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In the Democratic Party Presidential Primaries, how is the allotment of pledged PLEO delegates to each candidate determined?

In the primaries, some of each state's delegates are legally bound "pledged" party leaders and elected officials (PLEOs), as opposed to the unpledged PLEOs that are commonly know as superdelegates. ...
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How many superdelegates have endorsed voting for the plurality delegate winner to be the nominee?

On Wednesday’s Democratic Presidential Debate in Nevada, candidates were asked if they think that whoever gets a plurality of the pledged delegates should ultimately become the Democratic nominee, ...
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To what extent is Iowa a bellwether for the Democratic presidential candidates?

The 2020 Iowa Democratic caucuses are taking place today (February 3rd 2020), and are the first test of the candidates at the ballot box in the presidential primary season. By examining results from ...
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Is there any dataset for party primaries adoption?

Is there any data set available with information about parties around the world that have adopted primary elections?
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