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Questions tagged [prison]

For questions about the housing of convicted offenders in secured locations as part of their punishment.

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How effective are The premature release policies of India for convicts?

India has various schemes in place for sentence reduction and parole, The provisions are: Code of criminal procedure 432 and 433 probation of offenders act crpc 360 (which is another probation ...
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What is the motivation for the merceneries to join Prigozhin's Wagner PMC? [closed]

I read that Wagner PMC recruits criminals from Russian prisons to fight in Ukraine. They pay as high as US$ 14000/month. However, they have no or minimal training in combat and are practically being ...
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Could the German government decide to free Russian citizen Vadim Krasikov from prison?

So there are currently discussions between Russia and the US about some possible prisoner exchange to release US citizens Griner and Whelan from Russia. Apartently Russia made a request (through ...
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Why are notable prisoners sometimes comfortably housed?

I know of a US citizen who committed pretty brutal crimes in Afghanistan pre-Taliban, and went to a notorious Afghan prison. He had a dorm-like cell and was reportedly given alcohol and movies. The ...
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What sanctions is the UK parliament considering against social media executives?

According to a recent article by the Guardian, a new digital watchdog will be set up with the power to impose fines upto 10% of global revenue. In the case of Facebook, this will be upto £10 billion. ...
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Penal labour in United States

Penal labour is banned in most if not all of the United Kingdom. Perhaps because of No prisoner shall be employed, in the service of the institution, in any disciplinary capacity https://www.ohchr....
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Why does New York City spend 3 times as much per year per inmate than the runner up King County (Seattle)?

New York City spends nearly 450k per prisoner per year, which is almost 3 times higher than second place King County (which contains Seattle). Why is New York such an outlier? Source: Vera Institute ...
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Why aren't state and federal prisons forced to allow prison inmates to vote at least in federal elections?

Someone claimed that current prisoners are allowed to run for federal offices like the House of Representatives and fact checkers said that was true. We are not talking about people released but ...
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How can Navalny communicate with the outside world from a top security Russian prison?

One of the most important parts of the prison detention, that the convict can not communicate, or only on very limited ways (like once in a month can meet his family or so). Sometimes there are same ...
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If a prisoner runs for President and wins, do they stay in prison while elected?

It's possible for a U.S. citizen to run for President while in prison, as with Eugene Debs. Suppose a prisoner runs and wins. Let's also suppose that the crimes in for which the prisoner is serving ...
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Does any country in the EU allow forced prison labor?

I'm aware that some democratic countries, including the US and Japan allow forced prison labor, meaning that refusal to work in prison is punishable e.g. by solitary confinement (or a "chill box&...
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Are the other countries besides Romania that automatically reduce prison sentences for bad prison conditions?

Romania Insider news from 2017: The law allowing inmates serving time in bad prison conditions to get six days cut off from their sentence for every 30 days in prison was promulgated by President ...
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Why does the FIRST STEP Act have bipartisan support?

Note: misconceptions/challenged statements from a previous edit are struck through viz. insight from an answer. There's been a campaign for US federal prison reform for decades. It's long had a lot ...
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What does Kanye (Ye) West actually mean by "Abolish the 13th Amendment"?

On his Saturday Night Live appearance on the 29th of September 2018, Kanye West spoke on "abolishing the 13th amendment". (This may have been stewing for a while, but that is when I first became ...
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Global policies on hiring ex-convicts

Spawned from this other SE question. In the United States it is challenging for ex-convicts to find gainful employment. A few states have gotten on board the Ban the Box initiative, referring to the ...
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Why does the US prison system seem so ineffective when compared to prison systems in other developed countries?

According to this article Norway's prison system is very effective when compared to the one in US: incarceration rate - 75 / 100K compared to 707 / 100K in US recidivism rate - 20% compared to more ...
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Politics involved in separation of prisons and jails?

I try to understand why there are US federal and state prisons, and county jails. I did not find a clear separation of the use of the three variants when reading Wikipedia regarding the topic. It ...
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Are minorities given harsher sentences in the criminal justice system in the US?

US has the largest incarceration rate of any country with 1 in 100 being in prison or incarceration. In 2016, the Prison Policy Initiative estimated that in the United States that about 2,298,300 ...
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Currently, do prison inmates in the state of New York do "hard labor"?

A relative is insisting that currently, in our state, which is New York, prison inmates are required to do "hard labor." I was skeptical, but I tried to find some evidence of this by searching the ...
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What are reasons that America has the highest incarceration rate in the world?

America has the highest incarceration rate in the world, both in absolute numbers, and relative to population (only China and India have higher populations, and they have fewer people incarcerated). ...
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Governments friendly to the USA willing to accept Guantanamo detainees from other countries

This question is related to Why require a stable home country for release from Guantanamo Bay? . The United States has released some Guantanamo detainees to countries from which they originated. In ...
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What alternatives have been proposed for prison sentences for violent crimes?

According to prison critics and others, prisons are schools of crime. This viewpoint holds that when someone gets a prison sentence for a small crime, they will meet bigger criminals and build a ...
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