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Questions tagged [privacy]

Questions about the protection of people's (personal) information.

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Why are real estate records public?

The government is very restricted on what information it may disclose about you and under what circumstances. For example, I can't look up your car's license plate number to find out who you are. I ...
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What are some developed countries that have a laissez-faire approach to user data flowing abroad?

China has in recent years tightened controls on data and information, especially data and information that flows abroad.
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Any online petition platform that will deliver signatures to target only?

Do you know of a platform for online petitions that has the option to deliver signature information to designated target only? AFAIK, in my home country, people who sign petitions to government must ...
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Has the UK government provided the "minimum standard of privacy and accuracy" that are required of a messaging service for ETEE to be banned?

The Guardian reports that the UK government will not require Ofcom to enforce the restrictions on End to End Encryption (ETEE) until two conditions are met: the government has said the regulator ...
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