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A private military company (PMC) is a private company providing security and logistical services.

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Could Mali pay by themselves a mercenary army?

Mali has been criticised by ECOWAS for the deployment of Russian mercenaries from the Wagner group. The Mali government immediately rejected the accusation claiming that there was no deployment of ...
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Can a country be held liable for the actions of a private military company domiciled in it?

Let's say that a company like Blackwater is responsible for war crimes. Can the U.S. be punished for the actions of Blackwater? How will the legal proceedings develop? I am mostly interested in how ...
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Can a government be held responsible for the crimes committed by a military contractor?

If, for instance, a company like Blackwater Security Consulting contracted by the government commits a crime not ordered by it. If Blackwater Security Consulting then went bankrupt, and the U.S. lost ...
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Why does the U.S military use mercenaries?

With a defense budget now totaling ~686-billion dollars a year – which is about the size of the next 8 largest defense budgets combined (figure) – why does the U.S military see the need to ...
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Why did South African soldiers choose EO over UNITA?

This is a question concerning Executive Outcomes and UNITA. I concede this question is slightly Tom Clancy-esque, but I think now that these events have been largely declassified all these decades ...
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What are the differences between mercenaries and a country's armed forces?

I don't quite get the exact difference. I know the mercenaries act with less oversight, but are also quite expensive. So, I wonder why the US Military used mercenaries in Iraq and Afghanistan so ...
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Have states/companies placed a military/private security presence on oil platforms in the Gulf of Guinea to ensure security against piracy?

States with a coastline on the Gulf of Guinea have to deal with the tremendous problem of maritime piracy. There are some regional cooperation programs as well as a EU special program to improve ...
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