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Questions relating to the transfer of assets/companies from the public sector (state ownership/control) to the private sector (private ownership/control)

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What would be the process for going about privatizing a state university (such as the New College of Florida)? [closed]

Could the state government just dissolve it through a bill stating as such?
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Can indispensable services be private?

It seems that the biggest British water service provider is on the brink of bankruptcy. The article pointed out that the government is ready to intervene and this is obvious, water service cannot be ...
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Why is the USPS not privately operated?

Currently, there is a lot of discussion in my home country (Brazil) about privatization of the postal service, so, of course, the United States comes to mind for comparison: It is a country of ...
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Is there a term for the practice of defunding a public asset in order to privatize it?

In a lecture entitled The State-Corporate Complex: A Threat to Freedom and Survival given by Noam Chomsky in 2011, at the University of Toronto, a 'standard technique of privatization' is described: ...
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Is there any way for somebody to privately own land in China?

I was reading about land ownership in China and found an article that described how land ownership works in China. Apparently, land is owned by the Chinese Communist Party, but leases are given to ...
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Why does the IMF insist on maintaining the privatization of state entities as a reform policy as a prerequisite for borrowing states?

Why does the IMF insist on maintaining the privatization of state entities as a reform policy as a prerequisite for borrowing states? ...
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Do any 2020 Democratic primary candidates advocate for charter schools?

I read this Washington Post article stating the 2020 Democratic presidential primary candidates are less in favor of charter schools than previous Democrats such as Barack Obama. If the candidates ...
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Is Chomsky's "standard technique of privatization" historically accurate?

Noam Chomsky said once in lecture: Social Security is actually in pretty good shape despite what everybody screams about. But if you can defund it, it won't be in good shape. And there is a ...
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What political factors are shared by countries that let oligarchs emerge during the transition from a communist country to a capitalist country?

The privatization of state assets from formerly communist countries is often riddled with corruption and leads to a small ruling cadre with extensive influence (see the example of Russian oligarchs). ...
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How did Rolandas Paksas improperly meddle in a privatisation deal?

Rolandas Paksas was the first European president to be impeached. He was also the third president of Lithuania after it seceded from the Warsaw pact. According to wikipedia: During his term, concerns ...
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How might a business overthrow the U.S. government? [closed]

Is there any way that a high-end fortune 500 company with the technological development of Google or Apple could successfully overthrow the U.S. government?
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Why is the East Coast railway being reprivatized?

The various private rail franchises in Britain have all had their share of difficulties. East Coast actually collapsed, and was renationalized. As a public concern, it has outperformed the private ...
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Would privatizing Social Security "solve" Occupy Wall Street?

The Democrats oppose privatizing Social Security because it wouldn't be fair to those who have already given money into the system. The Occupy Wall Street movement was founded on the rich having a ...
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Is there any evidence that public transport splitting, corporatisation or privitisation affects quality?

In Europe in the last 10–30 years, many public transportation companies have been split up in parts, with some parts corporatised and some parts privatised. This has partly been motivated by an ...
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