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Questions about the ending of an assembly for a fixed period of time without dissolution.

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Did the supreme court overrule the monarch?

We heard that the Supreme Court not only decided that the Prime Minister's advice to the Queen was unlawful, but that the prorogation was therefore void: it didn't happen, Parliament was not prorogued....
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Could the Queen refuse to proroge parliament if it would be unlawful? [duplicate]

This question is closely related to Can the Queen refuse to suspend the Parliament? but based on the new situation given the Supreme Court ruling. Suppose the Prime Minister asked the Queen to ...
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Could the Queen overturn the UK Supreme Court ruling regarding prorogation of Parliament? [duplicate]

A couple of days ago, the UK Supreme Court ruled that Boris Johnson's advice to the Queen, which led to the prorogation of Parliament for 5 weeks ahead of the October 31st Brexit date, was unlawful. ...
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Could Boris Johnson face criminal charges for illegally proroguing Parliament?

Since the UK Supreme Court has ruled that the proroguing of the UK Parliament was illegal, is Boris Johnson personally culpable? Does this depend on whether the UK Parliament and its democratic ...
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What happens to the Queens Speech now?

Boris Johnson prorogued Parliament from the 9th-12th of September to the 14th of October with the stated intention to have a Queens Speech on the 14th of October and the subsequent opening of a new ...
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Was the ruling that prorogation was unlawful only possible because of the creation of a separate supreme court?

So the UK supreme court has just ruled the prorogation of parliament to be unlawful. This court has only existed since 2009, taking on the role as the court of final appeal from the House of Lords. ...
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To what degree did the Supreme Court limit Boris Johnson's ability to prorogue?

From the UK Supreme Court's summary of today's hearing on prorogation of Parliament: The next and final question, therefore, is what the legal effect of that finding is and therefore what remedies ...
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Can the government extend the current prorogation?

The Guardian today reported the following on prorogation: Robert Buckland, the justice secretary, refused on Tuesday to rule out a second prorogation as part of No 10’s tactics to achieve a no-deal ...
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Can Boris Johnson prorogue parliament again, after it reconvenes?

Assuming Parliament won't grant on Monday the early general elections that Johnson wants, could he send the Parliament on a much longer vacation using prorogation again? E.g. could he prorogue ...
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Could the UK Parliament change the rules on prorogation by voting in a new law?

Boris Johnson controversially scheduled a prorogation of 34 days recently, which means that the UK Parliament won't be able to pass new laws at a critical time when the UK is about to leave the ...
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Can proroguing Parliament have any practical effect on Brexit?

Boris Johnson's advice to the Queen to prorogue Parliament has certainly generated opposition, but I am curious whether that action will have any practical implications. If Parliament hasn't come to a ...
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Within what limits can the prime minister ask the queen to prorogue parliament?

In the UK, the Prime Minister can advise the Queen to prorogue Parliament at any time. Is there any limit on how long this prorogation may last?
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How could the PM prorogue Parliament without the Queen's consent?

In theory, only the Queen can prorogue Parliament: The Queen formally prorogues Parliament on the advice of the Privy Council. Based ...
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