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Why do anti-Western politicians wear Western suits? [duplicate]

Whenever I see press releases about China or Russia I am always puzzled that Putin and Xi (and everyone below them) wear suits in Western style despite their anti-Western sentiments. The dominance of ...
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How one-sided was (televised) note-taking in pre-2023 Xi-Putin meetings?

Some Western observers have made a big deal out of this regarding the televised bits of the last Xi-Putin meeting: "The optics of the summit clearly favored Xi. Any talk of equal footing is just ...
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2 answers

Has a world leader been laughed at while addressing the UN General Assembly before?

Donald Trump was reportedly laughed at by delegates while addressing the United Nations General Assembly: In one of the more remarkable moments in the history of the annual UN summit, the chamber ...
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Is the CDC Director really below the former Ambassadors to Palau?

I've been trying to determine the precedence of the CDC Director using The United States Order of Precedence and I was getting stuck. I don't see the position called out explicitly in the table, nor ...
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