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Questions about political psychology, an interdisciplinary field that relates psychology to political behavior.

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Are there research results on what makes people in established democracies believe in election fraud?

One might assume that ballots and vote counts come close to an absolute truth, that large-scale election fraud is nearly impossible in stable and wealthy democratic countries: Public observers and ...
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What is the pyschology behind the "Silent Majority" claim?

According to Wikipedia, President Nixon used this phrase to refer to a majority of Americans who did not go on a demonstration against the Vietnam war. In any democracy, I believe, there are always ...
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What are the core universal differences between young and old people's political attitudes?

The global surveys support the intuition that young people are socially liberal, perhaps because of their higher openness to experience. However other trends seem harder to generalize. Although the ...
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Why is it assumed that UN votes are always based on Realpolitik rather than genuine convictions of the country in question?

For example, take this recent question. The question is "Why are non-Western countries siding with China in the UN?", and the asker assumes that China has some kind of influence over non-...
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How common have war hawks been throughout history? [closed]

Recent events in the Ukraine war have got me thinking about the psychological profile of a leader like Vladimir Putin, and how that makeup is likely to lead social groups into recurring or ongoing ...
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What was the cause of the MAGAcommunism movement?

I know what I am saying sounds nonsensical at first. But I am referring to a group of Communists who unironically support Trump. This movement and way of thought was established by the YouTuber Haz ...
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