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Questions about policies aimed at protecting public health. For questions about policy aimed at medical care, use the [healthcare] tag

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Why are Scandinavian countries promoting wearing masks so little compared to the rest of Europe?

Living in a Scandinavian country, I have been surprised to see how little people wear masks, both in public transports (no more than 10% wear one there), supermarkets and offices. I know that the ...
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Can I confirm my identity at the polling station without taking off the mask?

My country has an upcoming elections soon. On the polling station I will need to confirm my identity with photo ID; this implies taking off the mask in a crowded place. I take social-distancing ...
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Is it still impossible to quarantine asymptomatic people in Portugal?

News from last year was that an appeals court in Lisbon had ruled that it was illegal to quarantine people based solely on a (SARS-CoV-2) PCR test result. (Apparently, their ruling only applied ...
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