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Are there other countries besides Türkiye that insist their name be written in English using diacritics (or even other letters) not common in English?

Regarding Türkiye's campaign to have their name changed (from Turkey) in foreign languages, it struck me as a bit unusual to insist on the umlaut-ed ü, since English doesn't normally have that ...
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Do Congressional representatives and senators read letters we send them?

I'm American. And I recently wrote my representative and senators to express my opinion about bills on which they might vote soon. I got no response at all from two of these letters, and from the ...
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When was the first time that high-level Russian officials confirmed their troops had advanced to the outskirts of Kyiv?

Nowadays it's made apparent in official press conferences that Russian troops had advanced on Kyiv, e.g. like in this one from the Russian MoD from March 25: Putin also explained in his speech on ...
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Do governments deliberately time unpopular policies or announcements to when the population is distracted?

In a recent Economics Explained video "Emergency PSA - The End of YouTube in Australia" at 0:27 and 5:39, there was a claim that a specific Australian policy may have been timed to be ...
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Is there a name for sanctioned populations turning against their own governments rather than turning against the sanctioning power?

For a long time I have been wondering whether there is a specific concept given to the phenomenon that occurs when a fraction of local populations who are at the receiving end of sanctions or any ...
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Has there been a (sustained) downward trend in the amount of EU Commission's press releases in the past decade?

Wikipedia seems to suggest so Where there are multiple departments involved a press release can also be a source of competition between areas of the Commission and Commissioners themselves. This ...
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