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Questions tagged [public-safety]

Questions about the function of governments which ensures the protection of citizens, persons in their territory, organizations, and institutions against threats to their well-being. Use for questions that are internal to a country or administrative division. For questions concerning potential security issues from other countries, see [national-security].

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Why are arrest records public in the United States?

As I understand, arrest records (records showing that someone was arrested by police) are public in the United States, at least in many states (see e.g. Are Arrest Records Public?). However, it seems ...
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Why are helmets and seatbelts required?

Suppose someone is drinking and driving, or speeding; then he is obviously a threat to other road drivers and pedestrians. But someone, who isn't wearing a helmet or seat belt, is neither harming ...
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Why is the perceived safety of some countries and the actual safety not strongly correlated? For instance, why do Croatians feel so safe?

Before researching this, I have assumed countries in which people feel safer tend to be actually safer. But take a look at this infographic which was recently circulating the Croatian media: ...
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NAACP Florida travel advisory really about traveling to/in Florida, or about moving/living there? How often to they issue political travel advisories?

In the May 20, 2023 NAACP press statement NAACP Issues Travel Advisory in Florida the actual text of the travel advisory can be found, titled "NAACP Travel Advisory for the State of Florida"....
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Why does Virginia allow driving without vehicle liability insurance by paying an "Uninsured Motor Vehicle fee"?

In the US state of Virginia, like in most countries/states in the world, liability insurance is mandatory for (drivers of) motor vehicles. However, unlike other countries, it is allowed to drive ...
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What is the Miranda exemption and what are its implications?

The Boston Marathon bombing suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, was not read his Miranda rights immediately due to a "public safety" exemption: A senior United States official said Monday that federal ...
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Is gun violence in the US mostly limited to people involved in property/violent crime?

This follows a question of mine on expatriates.SX: I may move to the US, but I'm kind of scared of the gun violence One of the answers there suggests that US gun violence is not as bad as the ...
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Is there a correlation between armed security and casualties of people working in security?

I am working for a private security company. We currently have a debate about whether carrying firearms would improve our safety or make our job even more dangerous. Is anyone aware of any study ...
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Why these far-right politicians identify child sexual abuse, and not another crime, as the justification for their attacks on cyber security?

I stumbled across this document, "International Statement: End-to-end Encryption And Public Safety", signed by several politicians who identify themselves far-right. The statement ...
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Is there an official assessment of the side-effects of a quarantine for COVID-19 in US or in China?

Given the lack of critical assessment in the US media of China's massive quarantine, I think that there are many people in the US who would view it acceptable to shut down a major American city to ...
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Would stricter security avoid school shootings? [closed]

In courthouses there are metal detectors. In airports there is also TSA. Courthouses have higher stakes, and airplanes can be used for an aerial attack, while schools are very numerous. It would make ...
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Why is it easy to bring a gun into a school, but not onto an airplane? [closed]

There are occurrences of school shootings in the USA, with people getting very upset about every such incident. But it's very easy to bring a gun into a school: no metal detectors, no guards, no ...
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What's the point of legalising dangerous drugs in some states in the US? [closed]

4 American states - New Jersey, Arizona, South Dakota and Montana- recently agreed to lift their ban on marijuana. And Oregon became the first state in the history of the USA to descriminalize ...
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Why are countries still introducing COVID-19 quarantines for travelers from affected regions, even though it's been proven they don't work?

Various governments seem to be playing whack-a-mole with travel restrictions and mandatory quarantines in the recent COVID-19 epidemic. First Chinese residents were banned from numerous countries. ...
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