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Puerto Rico is a set of islands in the Caribbean Sea, classified as an unincorporated, unorganized territory of the United States. Unlike most of the United States, the primary language spoken by most of the population is Spanish. It has long been the subject of an ongoing attempt at becoming a US state. Use this tag for questions about the island's politics and efforts to change its status, such as proposals for US statehood or independence.

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Why does the Puerto Rico governor get to forcefully pass bills rejected by their house and senate votes via a executive order?

I recently heard that the governor of Puerto Rico forced a bill to pass regarding charging for grocery bags, via an executive order, after the bill was voted down by both the house and the senate. ...

How much of Puerto Rico's economy is held by mainland individuals and companies?

Puerto Rico was once a Spanish colony, then a US sort-of-a-colony, then a commonwealth with citizenship. I know US agribusiness invested heavily in setting up/expanding a sugar cane industry on the ...