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Questions related to prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism based on race or ethnicity. Both the beliefs that one's own race is superior and racial discrimination in general are covered.

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Why did African Americans and Native Americans vote too oppositely on the Affirmative Action poll?

I found a tabular analysis on Wikipedia about affirmative action. It shows: "Supporters and opponents of affirmative action in California 2020". Popular Group For Affirmative Action Against ...
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Do racist/xenophobic Buddhists (attempt to) base their prejudice in religious doctrine?

Do the various racist or xenophobic movements in countries with Buddhist majorities (mainly in South East Asia) usually claim to base their prejudice (against other religions or ethnic groups) on ...
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Has there been any research addressing systemic racism targeting West Indian immigrants relative to other ethnic immigrant groups?

In a 2018 Quilette opinion column, Coleman Hughes used similar data to suggest systemic racism in the US is not a large problem: The second natural experiment involves comparing the outcomes of black ...
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