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Questions tagged [range-voting]

Range voting - a voting method where voters score each candidate on a scale, the scores are added up, and the candidate with the highest score wins.

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1 answer

How do abstentions affect Majority Judgment voting?

In the examples of Majority Judgment on Wikipedia et al, every voter submits a rating of every candidate, conveniently making the vote bars equal width. What happens when that doesn't happen? In ...
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3 answers

How does STAR Voting compare with plain Score Voting?

I've been reading a lot about voting systems, and Score Voting seems like a pretty good system, but Equal Vote Coalition advocates STAR Voting (= "Score Then Automatic Runoff", previously SRV = "Score ...
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3 votes
2 answers

How does range voting deal with lack of objective scoring?

It seems that in most real life examples of range voting, they are in a niche field where either: There are objective measurable criteria for how to determine ranges (physical distance, time distance)...
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Has range voting been successfully implemented anywhere?

To improve upon traditional democracy, various alternatives to the normal up down voting have been put forth such as range voting. (Range voting is a voting method for one-seat elections under which ...
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