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Questions related to Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the 12th and current President of Turkey.

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Is Erdogan using Islam as a political tool to influence the masses or manipulate the government's foreign policy? [closed]

He right now is living like a Emperor, yes the definition here is right. Better than Putin right now. It has been said that he bought his own officials, deputies, judges, advocates etc. The country is ...
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What kind of gain did president Erdogan achieve from Hagia Sophia?

What kind of political or diplomatic gain did president Erdogan achieve from Hagia Sophia's conversion to a mosque? Was it the demand of the majority of Turkish people living in Istanbul or Turkey? ...
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Why is Recep Tayyip Erdoğan allowing the Turkish Lira to plunge?

If you have been into Turkish Lira recently, you would be shocked you see that the Turkish Lira's value has been lost more than two times as compare to its value 2 years ago. Now, there have been ...
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what was the fundamental reason that Erdogan had been able to defeat secularists in the country?

Secularists ruled Turkey for a long period of time. Why did they gradually lose control of Turkey's politics? What has been the root cause of their influence gradually waned?
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Why did the Tunceli province, in the center of Turkey, vote so much against Erdoğan in the presidential elections?

I was checking the official results of the Turkish presidential election, 2018 in the section Seçim 2018 of the news agency AA. In there, we see how Erdogan managed to win in almost all the regions: ...
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Why does Turkish president Erdoğan feel so threatened by exiled cleric Feytullah Gülen?

Since the failed coup attempt in July 2016 (many believe it was staged by Erdoğan), Erdoğan has used the coup attempt as an excuse and solidified power and arrested thousands of opponents. This ...
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Did Erdoǧan cheat in the 2018 election?

Did Erdoǧan cheat in the 2018 Turkish election? Cheating means, for example: Gerrymandering Buying/bribing/scaring voters Jailing/scaring/assassinating candidates Interrupting/blocking candidates ...
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Is there an explanation for Erdogan winning the elections despite of polls and economic decline?

Erdogan has won the elections straight from the first round: Turkey's long-standing leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan has won a new five-year term after securing outright victory in the first round of ...
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Is there any division of opinion in Turkey regarding Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's role?

Are there people in Turkey who think that Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was not a hero and was actually responsible for the decline of the Turkish nation? If Yes, why do they think that? If Yes, is this a ...
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Why can't Erdogan's dictatorship be defined as benevolent?

Erdogan's policies towards Turkish citizens are in general considered to be Authoritarian. This authoritarianism is generally attributed to Ergodan's hunger for power, and it is alleged that Turkey is ...
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Does the 16th April Turkish referendum result actually have any meaningful effect?

At the time of writing this question, the Turkish referendum for changing the Constitution has just finished with approval of these changes (about 51% for "Yes"). According to this source, Turkish ...
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Erdogan and the people he fired

From 2016 to 2017, Erdogan arrested and sacked more than 160,000 people from government jobs(civil and armed) and universities. How is Turkey, as a country, going to fill this huge blank of human ...
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What "crimes against the sovereignty of the state and its bodies" were children accused of in Turkey?

Hürriyet Daily News reports that 1080 people have been convicted in Erdoğan "insult" cases in Turkey in 2016. This isn't particularly interesting; there have been several rounds of purges ...