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Could the House of Representatives force redistricting during a congressional term?

Federal courts ruled that Alabama and Louisiana's congressional districts do not comply with section 2 of the Voting Rights Act because they have 1 majority black district when 2 districts in both ...
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New Jersey governor data on Dave's Redistricting?

There is a tool called Dave's Redistricting which allows people to simulate drawing congressional districts far more easily than older software can. They have added the Virginia governor election ...
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How did the 2020s congressional districts so far vote for president in 2020 relative to the nation?

FiveThirtyEight has a redistricting tracker. It found that there are "181 Democratic leaning seats and 177 Republican leaning seats". My issue is twofold: the data isn't just based off of ...
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Why does the U.S. Census deliberately transfer population to neighboring census blocks?

I am involved a little in both Vermont House redistricting and Burlington City Council redistricting. I have noticed, at least two census blocks that the Census is clearly over reporting population. ...
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Cook PVI of New York Independent Redistricting Commission proposals?

The New York State Independent Redistricting Commission has released congressional plans last September. FiveThirtyEight has documented the partisan lean of each district today according to its ...
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Does the New York State Legislature have to accept a proposal from the state redistricting commission' without a 2/3 supermajority override vote?

In New York State, there is a bipartisan commission that was chosen by voters in 2014 and is designed to reduce the potential of bias from redistricting in the state. New York lawmakers tried to pass ...
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How do democracies other than the US handle changes to district maps?

Every representative democracy needs to have some method of dividing up territory into districts such that the people within that district can choose someone to represent their interests to the state ...
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Who is in charge of county-level redistricting in each state?

Many counties elect commissioners, who represent a district within the county. Who is in charge of drawing these lines in each state? Note: Not looking for state level offices like the State House of ...
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How could US Congress' H.R.1 - For the People Act of 2021 actually cost Black representation in the South by prohibition of partisan gerrymandering?

The New York Times' Manchin Vows to Block Democratic Voting Rights Bill and Preserve Filibuster includes the following passage: Senator Roy Blunt, Republican of Missouri, praised Mr. Manchin, saying ...
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When redistricting California, who decides what Congressional District will be removed?

Since California has 53 Congressional Seats right now but will soon have 52. Who decides which seat will be removed? Since California is a Democratic State, will they lose a Democratic seat since they'...
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Can Democrats ask/sue for more majority minority seats?

I was thinking about redistricting after the 2020 census. I was thinking specifically about the Deep South. I think what they could ask for is to draw extra black majority seats in multiple states ...
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Do states still have to redraw districts even if reapportionment doesn’t affect them?

The US census has been completed last year and is currently being processed. As a result, states will gain/lose/hold electoral votes and hence members of their congressional delegation. Do states ...
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What happens to US representatives after a redistricting?

The US has a census every 10 years and the 435 seats in the House of Representatives are apportioned to reflect the population change. Sometimes states lose seats. New York state had 45 seats in the ...
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In the United States, can the distribution of congressional representatives be adjusted in response to dramatic population shifts?

In the United States, elections are run by state governments. Each state is allotted a certain number of congressional representatives based on its population. The population of each state is ...
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What do small cities with a large portion of university and college students do with redistricting?

So I'm in Burlington Vermont which happens to be the smallest largest city of the 50 US states. So it shouldn't be surprizing that the University of Vermont and another college are in this town. Now ...
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What does it mean that North Carolina's maps were thrown out but new ones weren't ordered drawn?

This article from NBC says this (emphasis mine): A three-judge panel of state judges issued an order Monday barring state officials from using the current map for the coming elections, including ...
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What is the proper (non-"Gerrymandering") purpose of political districting?

I read some other posts here that discuss gerrymandering. It seems to me that I still have a question that these posts don’t answer, but I’m not at all sure that I can make it clear. But here we go. ...
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is Gerrymandering unconstitutional?

I know I've heard that racial discrimination when drawing district lines is unconstitutional. But where in the constitution does it say that, and are there other rules that gerrymandering has to ...
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Why is redistricting not an automated process?

What is the reason that redistricting is not automatic? Is it just a legacy of a time when it was impossible? The definition of gerrymandering is: In the process of setting electoral districts, ...
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What reforms have successfully avoided the issues of Gerrymandering?

In democracies like the United States, Gerrymandering to construct districts with artificial boundaries such that incumbents and their parties are favored to win has been a long standing issue. While ...
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