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Is increased retirement age really the reason for 2023 protests in France?

France has one of the world's highest working populations by percentage. Hence, the lack of jobs/unemployment is clearly not the root cause of this problem. Most protestors are relatively young (20-30 ...
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2 answers

What’s the Realpolitik reason for Macron to change the retirement age despite this being very unpopular?

President Macron recently invoked Article 49.3 of the French constitution, allowing him to bypass the normal legislative process. This measure is quite unpopular and might result in him getting voted ...
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2 answers

Pension reforms. Why is the debate constrained to raising the retirement age or not, with no intermediate solutions?

This question was inspired by the French pension reform, but also in other European countries the situation is not different. The debate seems framed between the two extremes. Increase or not the ...
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4 answers

Why is there an official retirement age?

France strikes bid to halt Macron's rise in retirement age: President Macron's reform programme faces a make-or-break moment, as French unions stage a day of mass strikes and protests on Thursday ...
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8 answers

How can a welfare state with high taxes survive in the face of an aging population?

I'm thinking of countries with economic and social policies like Germany. We can easily observe that in most developed countries, the birth rates are dipping (surprisingly). To my understanding, it is ...
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1 answer

Do people without children spend longer time in retirement homes?

This came up when discussing the 'Pflegereform' in Germany. Everyone has to pay a proportion of their income and this tax is used to help pay for the cost of retirement homes for old people. The ...
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How can European states have a sustainable retirement system since deteriorating health is associated with the increasing retirement age [closed]

As far as I know, especially across Europe, the retirement age is increasing due to low birth rates and population ageing, the current pension system being unsustainable in this situation. But this ...
11 votes
2 answers

Why do some countries have lower instead of higher retirement age for women?

As we can see here some half of the countries have established lower retirement age for women than men. I struggle to think of any reason why would they do so. I understand that not every government ...
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4 answers

How do social security payments compare to investing the same amount of money in treasury bonds?

Social security tax is about 12% of income. The average income in 1950 was about 3k adjusted for inflation. If someone in 1950 worked a full career (30 to 65) and invested at a typical 10y treasury ...