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What determines who represents a country in the UN after a coup or revolution?

Coups and revolutions happen quite often throughout the world. Sometimes the new government gets the UN seat automatically after the events, while in other cases years may pass and a special General ...
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Who are modern ideologues/philosophers of Communism and how do they interpret Marx?

Communism remains a popular belief^1, despite the dismal performance of the Communist states in terms of public prosperity and human rights.^2 As far as I can judge, there are three currents in ...
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The legitimacy of a deposed Government in international law?

Is a government overthrown by a coup d'état or revolution legitimate under international law?Is the interim government also, correspondingly, legitimate? Are there juristic documents on this, or is it ...
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Is every revolution a byproduct of a highly organized group of conscientious and professional organizers?

This video is part of an interview with defected KGB spy Yuri Bezmenov. From about 2:45 to 3:10 in the clip Bezmenov claims: The immediate impulse to defect was Bangladesh crisis which was described ...
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King's name symbolism

King Charles III name calls to memory his two predecessors, Charles I and Charles II (the father and the son) who distinguished themselves as anti-revolutionaries: the first had his head cut as a ...
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How can a dictator be removed when they don't have any challengers?

Take, for example, Bangladesh's sitting PM Sheikh Hasina. She has strong political backing from India as they played an active role in removing the army-backed government and putting her in power in ...
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Why does Russia consider the Ukrainian elections as "invalid/stolen"?

A recent question says (among other things): In Ukraine, one claim used by Russia to justify its invasion is that the current regime is a "puppet regime", that is, the elections by which it ...
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What happens to rank-and-file law-enforcement after major regime change [closed]

The question is inspired by the current situation in Myanmar, but since at the time of writing what will happen remains to be seen and obviously people on here can't predict the future, but surely ...
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Is Kyrgyzstan currently undergoing a revolution?

A friend of mine just sent me some pictures that supposedly depict protesters demolishing the president's office in Kyrgyzstan, and claim that there's a revolution going on. The only western media I ...
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Why were most of the Arab spring revolutions followed by civil wars?

Why were most of the Arab spring revolutions followed by civil wars? Why did the US and EU either sell weapons or give military support to the warring parties?
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According to political scientists and historians, what is the most effective and bloodless way to topple an authoritarian regime?

A great volume of knowledge about authoritarian regimes and revolutions has been amassed. Using that scientific knowledge, what is the best algorithm to bring down such a regime without much (any, if ...
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Why aren't authoritarian governments overthrown sooner?

On my point of view it is pretty simple to overthrow an authoritarian government. You just have to gather a lot of people in the smallest area possible (where the leader is located). Further actions ...
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