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Questions related to the late Richard Nixon who was the 37th President of the United States (from 1969 - 1974).

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Was Nixon's "when the President does it, that means that it is not illegal" technically correct?

During David Frost's series of interviews with Richard Nixon, Nixon (in)famously said when the President does it, that means that it is not illegal, by definition. In the aftermath of Nixon getting ...
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How did Nixon's resignation affect the voters who had supported him?

There are a lot of Americans who wear MAGA hats. Theoretically, if President Trump were impeached, I wonder if they would continue to wear them? Would Trump go down like Robert E. Lee, losing, but ...
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Why did Richardson and Ruckelshaus resign during the Watergate "Saturday Night Massacre", rather than simply refuse?

On October 20, 1973, President Nixon ordered Attorney General Elliot Richardson to fire Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox, who was investigating the Watergate scandal. Richardson refused and handed in ...
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How did states react to the DEA?

The Trump White House intends to step up the war on drugs including certain substances that individual states have made legal for recreational use (marijuana). Bearing in mind that Nixon, who signed ...
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