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Questions about interpretation and application of Robert's Rules of Order, the framework for parliamentary procedure and organization meetings.

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Does Robert's Rules of Order cover voting domain, jurisdiction or scope?

I'm looking for the name of something that likely is defined somehwere in Robert's Rules of Order or in some other standard in parliamentary procedure. Before a vote can take place, there must be a ...
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Can a single ballot be used to vote on several proposals?

Our assembly of several hundred will be voting on 4 separate changes to our constitution. I would like the 4 votes to take place on a single ballot (one piece of paper with 4 proposals and ...
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What do terms like "I yield my time, Mr. Speaker" mean?

What do terms like "I yield back" and "I reclaim my time" and "I yield to..." mean? I sorta get it, but am still quite clueless as to the details, let alone any name it may have.
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Robert's Rules Regarding False Statements

In a recent assembly of delegates, an amendment was made/carried to a resolution that was subsequently adopted. The problem I have is that this now puts in our organization's core beliefs section a ...
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Can an organization's presiding officer vote during their impeachment? [closed]

Members in an organization I am involved in are attempting to impeach the President of the organization for negligence of duty. The Constitution/Bylaws of this organization state the following: ...
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Can a motion to postpone to time certain be tabled?

The main motion is being debated. A motion is offered (and seconded) to postpone the motion to a particular time (time certain). Under Robert's Rules of Order (RONR) in the United States. Can the ...
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Why robert's rules need a second?

In executive meetings of a club I belong to, we follow robert's rules of order. That requires someone to second a motion. But considering that the group is small (5 people), one motions that we end ...
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