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Why doesn't the UK government end "bona vacantia"?

It has recently been reported that King Charles benefits from the estates of those who pass away without leaving a will or next of kin. Apparently this takes place via ancient feudal laws known as &...
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Can a member of the royal family stand in parliamentary elections?

In monarchies where the monarch has limited power, with the government being mostly democratically elected, can a member of the royal family stand in elections to become a Member of Parliament and ...
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Bestowing honourary military appointments in the UK

In the UK, what is the process for the monarch to bestow honourary military appointments. For example, when HM Queen Elizabeth II made then Prince Charles an Admiral of the Fleet in 2012. Is it solely ...
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Why don't we see much enthusiasm in the case of other royal families in Europe?

There are many constitutional monarchies in Europe. However, I never see the enthusiasm people show for them as they show for the British royal family and their affairs. Why is that?
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The head of State of the UK doesn't need a passport to travel, in theory. But what is the reality? [duplicate]

Because the head of state who is the issuing authority passport so he or she won't need a passport to travel, in theory. However, what is the procedure in reality. Do they still require a diplomatic ...
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Why is Charles III a member of House of Windsor?

From a cursory reading of succession and Houses in royal families it seems that tradition requires Houses to be inherited through patrilineange. And so when the Monarchy passes through a female there ...
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What determines which military uniform is worn at which event by members of the Royal Family

Watching the procession of King Charles III and family behind the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II, I would like to know what determines the military uniform they Royal Family members wear? Many of them ...
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Is there a compelling reason for holding the Queen's funeral at Westminster Abbey?

The Abbey seats only 2000 people. Charles & Diana's wedding in 1981 was held at St Paul's which seats almost twice the number - for that reason. At the Queen's Coronation in 1953, the Abbey ...
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Why is Prince Charles the 'Prince of Wales' and could Wales theoretically reject this?

I don't understand why Prince Charles is called the Prince of Wales. From what I can find online, it seems it's a tradition for English monarchs to give their heir the title "Prince of Wales.&...
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Who are the current "working members" of the UK Royal Family?

In relation to recent news that "The Sussexes will not use their HRH titles as they are no longer working members of the Royal Family." (HRH = "His/Her Royal Highness".) Is there an official ...
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To what extent does the British Royal Family provide the United Kingdom with soft power?

A common argument that is given for the continuation of the monarchy in Britain is that it provides the United Kingdom with soft power. The OED defines soft power as: a persuasive approach to ...
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Do members of the UK Royal Family have immunity to prosecution in the UK?

Prince Andrew has long been linked with Jeffery Epstein, and has been accused of sexual assault by multiple women, though the charges have never been tested in court. Now, in the wake of Epstein's ...
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Has a member of the British royal family ever run for Prime Minister of the UK?

There are news reports that a Thai princess is to run for Prime Minister in the upcoming Thai elections (e.g. see here). This has been titled as a political earthquake. This article states: The ...
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Do members of the royal family need permission to talk to people on the phone? [closed]

My friend thinks she is communicating with Prince Andrew. However communication happens only through hangouts, he keeps telling her he needs special permission to talk to anyone on a regular phone ...
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What personal identification documents does the British Royal Family have?

What personal identification documents do members of the Royal Family have? Does the card allow all members of the Royal Family to travel any place with just that card?
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What are the British royal family's sources of income?

The British royal family is financed mainly by the hereditary revenues of the Crown. From where does this "hereditary revenue" (collection of lands, holdings, and ... in the UK belonging to ...
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