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For questions about or involving the Russian Federation, successor of the Soviet Union. Located in Eurasia, Russia is the largest country by land mass, and it operates as a semi-presidential republic. For questions about the Soviet Union (USSR), use tag: [soviet-union].

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Soldiers abroad without identifying marks - Crimea situation

There's one issue that I haven't seen discussed about the current Crimea situation that feels strange - what are the international law consequences of having your soldiers abroad without identifying ...
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How Many Russian Citizens Live in Crimea?

It is reported that about 60% of the population in Crimea (Ukraine) are Russians. My question is: How many percent of the population are Russian citizens?
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3 answers

Sanctions for Russian military action in Ukraine stopping preparation for G8. Is it important for Russia?

In recent conflict of Russia and Ukraine some of G8 countries as sanction of Russian military actions in Ukraine declared they will stop preparation for G8 event in Sochi. But why would Russia be ...
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Russia attacks Ukraine. Why is world's reaction so slow? [closed]

Russia has occupied Crimea, and Russian soldiers are getting ready to attack Kharkiv this night. About Crimea - this has been obvious for last few days. Just words. Russia don't do it, this is bad. ...
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How do people view Putin's statements on gay rights?

In the recent run-up to the Winter Olympics, Russia's Putin has indicated that he didn't have a problem with gays in Russia per se. His only (stated) concern was with gay "propaganda", ...
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Why does Russia try to prevent Ukraine from getting closer to the EU?

Which disadvantages does Russia fear?
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Why did Russia default on its domestic bonds in 1998 when it could simply print money?

Russia defaulted on its domestic debt in 1998. It did not have to do so because the bonds were denominated in Russian Ruble and the government could simply have printed money to pay the bonds. Why ...
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Does Saudi Arabia really control the Chechen terrorist groups?

According to the article linked below, a Saudi prince told Vladimir Putin that he can guarantee the safety of the Winter Olympics in 2014 in Russia if some things will be done by Russia. Does Saudi ...
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Why does Kaliningrad belong to Russia? [closed]

Kaliningrad: former name is Königsberg. I always wondered about why and how Russia kept Kaliningrad (located between Poland and Lithuania on the seaside). I see the strategic point of the city, it can ...
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What is the truthfullness of the film " - USA: The Conquest of the East"? [closed]

This is a Russian version of a French film from mid-2000s "" French version with Spanish subtitles:
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Do "closed cities" exist outside the former Soviet Union?

A closed city is a city to which foreign residents and perhaps even domestic residents cannot travel freely. Wikipedia has an informative article on closed cities. The list of closed cities today ...
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What level of autonomy do regions within the Russian Federation have?

So, in the United States, of course, there is the 10th Amendment to the constitution, stating that powers not enumerated as adhering to the federal government are reserved either to the states or to ...
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When are Russian federal elections held?

Are there any laws that govern when elections for President and Duma/Assembly are held in Russia as far as date of the elections? seems to have ...
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